Ascension day ride

Hayy howdy Hippoërs!
Ready to go outdoor? We have made here an overview what you need to know for the Ascension day ride. We wish everyone a good ride!

Group 1
13:00 leaving from the stable
Group 2
14:30 leaving from the switching point
16:30 BBQ
Anna KAnne BAna V (+ boyfriend)
Ana VJuliaAnna K
EgorNaomiAnne S
NaomiNataliaAnne B
Mariia TNikolaMariëtte
ThomasRuzanaMarit (17:30)
Nick (+ father)
Tessa B
Please make sure
you have a working bicycle!
If you don't
have one, please ask
in the groupchat
who has a bike for

Sign up list outdoor ride:

When your name is incorrect on the list, please send an E-mail to

Info outdoor:

The group will be split up in two groups when we have more than 12 sign ups. The first group will ride to the switching point. The second group will ride back from the switching point to the stable.

Signing up for the outdoor is possible untill Tuesday 21:00 SIGN UP IS CLOSED

Group 1: start at the stable, end switching point, bike back 🚲

You are leaving the stable at 13:00, so make sure you are 12:30 present at the stable to make your horse ready. From the switching point you will be biking back on a bike of group 2.

Group 2: Bike to switching point 🚲, start outdoor at switching point, end back at the stable

Group 1 will arrive at the switching point around 14:30. Collect on the stable to leave together at 14:00. Group 1 will bike back with your bicycles.

Adres switching point:

Knollerveldweg 7561, 7524 PT Deurningen

Sign up list BBQ:

When your name is incorrect on the list, please send an E-mail to

Info BBQ

The second riding group will be back around 16:00. Latest everyone is ready at 16:30, so the bbq will tentatively start around 16:30. Sign up for the bbq here; +1s are welcome and can be signed up as well!