Like every other student (sports) association, Hippocampus relies on our members via various committees. Being part of a committee makes sure you get to know other members better, develop personal skills, and simply have a lot of fun. Do you want to know more about the different committees that Hippo has to offer? Check out the descriptions below!

If you are interested in joining one of the committees, please fill in the committee interest form!

Interaction Committee (InCie)

The interaction committee organizes Hippo’s non-horse-related social activities. If you have a fun idea or want to help with our ideas, join the Incie! 

Past events include bowling, laser tag, kart racing, and board game nights. This year (2022-2023), we’d like to co-host events with other UT associations. If you are part of another association and have an idea, let us know 🙂

Horse Knowledge Committee (PkCie)

Interested in organizing Hippo’s horse-related activities? Join the Pkcie!

The Horse Knowledge Committee (“PaardenKennis Commissie”) organizes events or activities that relate to horse riding or improving knowledge about horses and horse care. Examples: 

1) Outdoor rides (for example, those offered by companies)

2) Learning archery from horseback (

3) Inviting a guest speaker to talk to Hippo about horse care (e.g., a hoofsmith, vet, dentist, or physical therapist)

4) Going to the RuiterBalansCentrum to test your posture on a mechanical horse! 

5) Arranging a special lesson to learn/watch groundwork or longing a horse

6) Attending a horse show (annual Military in Boekelo, the wild horse show in Dülmen, Germany nearby, etc.)

7) Anything else you’d like!

Thursday Evening Committee (DoCie)

Do you want to come up with themes for the Thursday evenings and help organize our Halloween, Christmas and Carnival evenings? Then the Docie is the committee for you!

Docie stands for the “Donderdag (Thursday) Commissie”! Besides the holiday themed lessons, other past events include: 

  • Pub Quiz Nights: Docie members organize a fun trivia round about the horses at the stable, Hippo members, or whatever! Prizes given out to whoever knows the most.

City Meeting Committee (SOcie)

Do you want to organize Hippo’s yearly competition weekend where our sister organizations come over to compete? Join the SoCie! (For more info about what an SO is, check out our competitions page)

Gala Committee (GalaCie)

Hippo organizes a gala every year, which is always a fun event! Interested in organizing a fun activity that helps with member bonding? Join the GalaCie!

Photo Committee (PicCie)

Do you like taking pictures and would you like to capture some Hippo events? Join the Photo Committee!