To make it easier we have made a declaration form. If as a committee member, you have spent money that needs to go under the committee’s budget, please download the form and send it to

Like every other student (sports) association, Hippocampus relies on its members to have the association run smoothly via various committees. Being part of a committee makes sure you get to know other members better, develop personal skills, and simply have a lot of fun. Do you want to know more about the different committees that Hippo has to offer? Check out the descriptions below!

If you are interested in joining one of the committees, please fill in the committee interest form!

Thursday Evening Committee (DoCie)

Do you want to come up with themes for the Thursday evenings and help organize our Halloween, Christmas and Carnival evenings? Then the Docie is the committee for you!

Docie stands for the “Donderdag (Thursday) Commissie”! Besides the holiday-themed lessons, other past events include: 

  • Pub Quiz Nights: Docie members organize a fun trivia round about the horses at the stable, Hippo members, or whatever! Prizes are given out to whoever knows the most!

Interaction Committee (InCie)

The interaction committee organizes Hippo’s non-horse-related social activities.

If you have a fun idea or want to help with our ideas, join the Incie! (Also if you are part of another association)

Past events include bowling, laser tag, kart racing, and board game nights. They are chill activities to disconnect a bit (just a bit) from horses 😉

Pas De Deux Committee (PDDCie)

This committee organises the most fun competition evening of the year!

Things they do:
Make the info and sign-up page
Organise the starting list, test and practice lessons
Organise fun prices!

Experience is not required, so it is a perfect first committee if you don’t have any experience with committees or organising competitions 🙂

Horse Knowledge Committee (PkCie)

Interested in organizing Hippo’s horse-related activities? Join the Pkcie!

The Horse Knowledge Committee (“PaardenKennis Commissie”) organizes events or activities that relate to horse riding or improving knowledge about horses and horse care, because who doesn’t want to spend more time around horses?!?!

If you are just starting horse riding, you will learn how to take care of a horse and how to put a saddle on a horse. You can also join our theory lessons about how to deal with horse behaviour. Also for more experienced riders, we host a range of activities. We try to show all sides of the horse riding sport. We may go for a clinic in horseball or polocrosse, go riding in the woods in western style or gallop on the beach next to the sea.

Some example activities are: 

1) Outdoor rides (for example, those offered by companies)

2) Learning archery from horseback (

3) Inviting a guest speaker to talk to Hippo about horse care (e.g., a hoofsmith, vet, dentist, or physical therapist)

4) Going to the RuiterBalansCentrum to test your posture on a mechanical horse! 

5) Arranging a special lesson to learn/watch groundwork or longing a horse

6) Attending a horse show (annual Military in Boekelo, the wild horse show in Dülmen, Germany nearby, etc.)

7) Anything else you’d like!

City Meeting Committee (SOcie)

SO is the Dutch abbreviation for Student Competitions (stedenontmoetingen, or “city meetings”). Many cities have their own student riding association and organise student competitions at their own riding school. This means you ride a horse from the local riding school for the competition—most likely, a horse you don’t know! If you sign up for an SO, you go to another city for a whole weekend and you will compete there at your own level. Dressage as well as jumping competitions are typically offered.

Here at Hippocampus, we have our own SO committee that organises our SO where we invite all sister associations to come to our riding school and ride in the competition.
It will be a nice weekend with a party on Saturday evening.

This year the SO will probably be organized at the weekend of 6 and 7 April, the theme is still a surprise but will have to do something with Disney!

(For more info about what an SO is, check out our competitions page)

Promotion Committee (PromoCie)

Do you like taking pictures and would you like to capture some Hippo events? Do you think you have a talent for hyping people to go to cool events? Is designing a passion of yours and would like to see your designs more visibly on the website and the instagram account? Sounds like the Promotion Committee is for you!

Website Committee (WebCie)

Do you have some experience with websites (specifically WordPress)? The WebCie needs you to update and keep improving this wonderful website, so join the Website Committee and become the WebMaster!