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Please use or (for general inquiries).

The address of the riding school:

Manege de Horstlinde
Pompstationweg 83
7522 PG Enschede

The postal address of the association:

D.R.V. Hippocampus
Postbus 217
7500 AE Enschede

Natalia Bueno Donadeu (chairwoman & secretary)

General questions about Hippocampus? Please contact Natalia:

Questions about membership? Please contact Natalia:

Nick So (treasurer)

Information about membership fees or other financial questions? Please contact Nick:

Sophie Koopmans (lesson and competition commissioner)

Questions about lessons or joining a trial lesson? Please contact Sophie:

Questions about competitions? Please contact Sophie:

Confidential Contact Person

Is there anything you would like to talk about? From 2024, Thomas Bax is a volunteer Confidential Contact Person for Hippocampus and any member can freely approach him to talk about anything, below you can read a short introduction from him, his role and how to contact him:

“Hi there! I’m Thomas. I am a CCP/Peer listener, which means that I can provide a listening ear if you would like to talk about something that’s on your mind. That can be anything from stress or anxiety to loneliness or boredom. I’m here to talk with you! We keep everything confidential, which means that everything you tell us will be kept between us. The board of Hippocampus has asked me to become a CCP for your association, so from now on I will be a CCP for your association. And you can contact me anytime for anything. If you want to reach me you can send me an email at: or you can send me a WhatsApp at +31629842224.

There’s two things that I would like to add for now.

Firstly, some personal information. I am a student, just like you, and I’m 21 years old and I’m in my third year of the bachelor Technical Medicine.

Secondly, if for whatever reason you would like to contact someone else, you can always contact your study advisor or another CCP. This link will take you to the website for contacting any CCP’s.”