Apart from our regular lessons on Thursday nights we host all kinds of activities. Next to this we also organise a weekend where horse riding and other horse-related activities are scheduled.


This committee organises all kinds of activities aimed at giving members more knowledge about horses. If you are just starting with horse riding, you will learn how to take care of a horse and how to put a saddle on a horse. You can also join our theory lessons about how to deal with horse behaviour. Also for more experienced riders we host a range of activities. We try to show all sides of the horse riding sport. We may go for a clinic in horseball or polocrosse, go riding in the woods in western style or gallop on the beach next to the sea.

Other activities

We may want to be on horseback all day, but since this is not always possible we have some alternatives. Getting to know other members of Hippocampus is what our DoCie and InCie committees are all about. They will host for example a barbecue or the traditional Sinterklaas celebration. Around Christmas time we have our annual Christmas ball.

Hippo weekend

Every year there is a weekend trip where we go somewhere in the Netherlands (or even Germany or Belgium) to go horse riding. This weekend is full of fun, both on horseback and without horses, and is one of the highlights of the year.

(Student) competitions

Throughout the year a number of competitions are held where you can test your own skills in riding. More information can be found on the competitions web page.