The costs that come with becoming a member of D.R.V. Hippocampus and riding lessons depend on a few factors: whether you are a student at the University of Twente, whether you already have a Union Card or Campus Card, and how often you want to join our lessons.

Depending on if there is a spot available at your riding level, you can sign up for a trial lesson prior to becoming an official member. The costs of a separate trial lesson at our riding school are €21,00

If you decide to become a member after, there are a few costs that you have to keep in mind (click here for more info):

  1. You have to buy a Union Card (for UT students) or Campus Card (for UT employees and others, also Saxion students). The price of a full-year Union Card is €70,00 (€60,00 if bought before October); the price for a full-year Campus Card is €115,00.
  2. You have to pay an association fee directly to the UT. This is necessary for you to ride lessons for a subsidized price. For a full year, the association fee is €33,00 for Union Card holders, €69,00 for Campus Card holders.
  3. You have to pay a membership fee directly to Hippocampus. This funds the activities we offer as an association: social events, booking special instructors and lessons, arranging outdoor and special riding events, and many more! The current (2023/2024) contribution fee is €30,00 per year.

Lesson prices

How much you have to pay for a subsidized lesson depends on the type of rider you choose to become. At Hippocampus, we offer you three options: you can become a weekly rider (you join the lessons every week), a biweekly rider (you ride every other week), or a flexible rider (you join occasionally and sign up for a lesson when it suits you).

Depending on the chosen rider type, you buy a riding pass (weekly and biweekly riders) or separate lessons (flexible riders). Separate lessons cost €5,00, with a riding pass the prices will become even cheaper (depending on how many lessons you buy at once).