Union Card

To get the Union Card or Campus Card and pay the UT Association Fee: 

  1. Login at https://sportsandculture.utwente.nl/
  2. A popup screen should appear, prompting to add association fees (Hippocampus + any other associations you were in previously)
  3. You won’t be able to add the association fees to your shopping cart unless you already have a CampusCard/Union Card
  4. Add the CampusCard/Union Card to your shopping cart; checkout and pay
  5. The association fees won’t appear immediately; logout, then login again
  6. The association fees might pop up after logging in. If they do, add them then check out.
  7. If not, click “My bookings”. The association fees ­might show up there
  8. If not, click “Shop”, then click “View all subscriptions”.
  9. If the association fee is not listed there, log out and wait a day or more. Then login and repeat 6-9.

If the fees still do not pop up after a few days, email secretaris@hippo.utwente.nl. Send your name, UT email address, and if you’re staff or a student.