In order to join the lessons and the other activities at Hippocampus you need to be a member of the association. The membership fee is currently €30,- per year. As a member, you need to have a Union Card (for students) or Campus Card (for UT-employees). The current price for the association fee can be found on the website of the Union Card. These cards allow you to get subsidy on the lessons, so you only pay €4,00 per lesson. As a donor, you can join the association’s activities. This is a good option if you’re not (or no longer) a student and don’t want to purchase a Union Card, but still want to join our activities. But be aware, association members have priority when joining activities with limited spaces.

Are you interested in becoming a member? Come join us for a trial lesson first. This way we can meet, you can check out the atmosphere, see how our lessons are structured and we can get a general idea of your riding level. Trial lessons are unsubsidised and cost €17,00. If you want more information about a trial lesson, please contact our lesson commissioner.