Pas De Deux 2023

What is a Pas De Deux (PDD)?

A Pas De Deux is a riding test similar to a normal dressage test, only you are riding this test as a duo. Together you prepare this test with a theme, an outfit and music of your choice! 

We are organizing this fun competition on the last Thursday before the Christmas break, on the 21st of December. We will have a fun and social last Thursday of the year! There will be prices for the best themes and best-ridden tests, and of course we will have something special for everyone who joins. πŸ˜‰

How to sign up?

  1. Find a Pas De Deux partner or you can sign up alone before the 26th of November. Then the committee will find your partner in crime, and you will meet them on the last Thursday of November πŸ˜‰
  2. If you already have three horse preferences, you can already indicate this. Let us know by messaging one of the committee members (see number below). Indicate this before the 26th of November, otherwise, we will assign a super nice horse to you.

Tips to prepare your Pas De Deux

Study the test

In December it will be possible to ride a practise lesson. This lesson will be half an hour with two combinations (4 hippoers) and you will be riding most likely on your horse combination. In this lesson, you will be riding your test and will get tips and instructions from Daphne. 

This lesson counts as a normal Thursday lesson, so the same costs as well.

Study the test and ask your instructor Daphne during practice lessons if some figures are unclear! These practice lessons will be in December.

Tip: You can draw out your whole test to help you remembering and understanding the test! πŸ€“
(Thanks to Tessa B) πŸ˜€

Tip: You can also watch this cool animation made by Sebastian 😎

Create a theme

Are you riding away with the best and most original theme? Surprise us, and make a fun theme!

Make sure you have music prepared of 6-7 minutes, and hand it in at the latest on the 13th of December.

πŸŽ„Christmas eve 21st of December πŸŽ„

Old and new Hippoers, bring your friends and family. Come join or watch the Pas De Deux in your ugly christmas sweater or fancy dress. Together we will cheer on this last Thursday before the Christmas Break!

All kind of help is welcome! All who are joining de Pas De Deux are already signed up for all, but you can change your preferences where to help with. So everyone will help coordinate, write, or read with a few other duo’s.

After the last practice lessons, the final starting list will be made. Therefore, this will be soon announced after 14 December.



🍴 Diner?


🐴🐴 Start first duo

– 🧹🧽πŸͺ£ Horses, equipments, and stable halls are taken care of and clean 🧹🧽πŸͺ£ –


πŸ† Price ceremony πŸ†

23:30- …

πŸŽ…πŸΌπŸŽ„ Continue Christmas Eve with Hippocampus

Contact the Committee

Anna D: +31 6 13302276

Naomi: +31 6 46487124

Sophie: +31 6 51656180

Susan: +31 6 34832621