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To make sure we can create a fitting schedule in a group of the right level, we need the following information from you:
Due to limited availability of horses, our current weight limit for new members is 75 kg. The normal weight limit is 90 kg.
In February trial lessons for people with limited to no experience with horse riding are scheduled. If you fill in this form and have limited to no prior experience, you will receive more information in December.
I am able to (without help)…
If not, please also indicate when the last time you rode was.
Please check the boxes that are relevant for you

A trial lesson will cost €21 and when you click send the lesson commissioner will contact you soon to find a suitable date. If you are scheduled for a trial lesson, you have to pay the €21 at least 24 hours in advance, and if you want to cancel your lesson please do so on the Tuesday before the lesson before 21:00. We hope to see you soon on a Thursday night!