Horse riding

Every Thursday night is horse riding night with D.R.V. Hippocampus at riding school De Horstlinde, located just behind the campus. Lessons are from 18:00 all the way to midnight in different levels. The schedule for these lessons changes monthly, so you will not have to ride at the same time every Thursday. In every lesson there are a maximum of 8 people (and 8 horses). Next to our regular dressage lessons, we also have lessons in jumping, carousel, agility and special lessons where we focus on your personal posture on the horse. There are special lessons with Halloween, Carnaval and Sinterklaas, where we dress up and play games while on horseback! We sometimes videotape the lessons and watch together with you where your personal improvement opportunities may be. After your lesson you are able to reflect on the evening with a drink at our very own bar called the BARrage.


All students and UT employees who own a Union Card or those who own a Campus Card can ride on Thursday night for €4,00 per lesson.


All of our horse riding lessons are given by certified instructors that work at Manege de Horstlinde. The riding school is located at Pompstationweg 83 in Enschede. For non-Dutch speaking students the lessons will also be available in English.

Trial lesson

Do you already know the basics of horse riding? If you are at least able to saddle a horse and can control a gallop, you can join our association at any point in the academic year. We also have lessons for experienced riders. You will be placed in a lesson that suits your level. You are welcome to try out horse riding by signing up for a trial lesson. If you do not have experience in horse riding, you can join our beginner group that starts in September/October and sometimes in March. In September we will form a group of novice riders. If you want to join this group you can come to our trial lessons in September. Depending on the number of riders we may also start a novice group in March.

Click here for more information about becoming a member of D.R.V. Hippocampus.